Offensive Cybersecurity Research Evangelist 

Meet Andy Thompson, a seasoned cybersecurity expert with nearly 30 years of hand-son experience in IT and security. As a highly certified researcher, evangelist, and thought leader, Andy excels in simplifying complex technical concepts for diverse audiences.

Before joining CyberArk, Andy held senior roles as a Systems Administrator and Security Engineer in a range of organizations, including prominent hospitals, movie theater chains, bars/restaurants, and global retail giants. He started his time at CyberArk as a senior member of the Customer Success Team providing guidance on Identity Security strategies and roadmaps. Since then, he’s followed his passion moving teams to the Offensive Research Labs.

Email:  |  X: @Andy_Thompson  |  Mastodon:  |  LinkedIn: in/AndyThompsonInfosec

CSC11 Conference Topic:  Offensive AI